With the year 2020 growing to a close it’s time for the annual “Best of” for the year

For the year 2020 I chose my top 20 because it’s just too hard to whittle down and I’m not even sure these are my best 20 but they just struck me at the moment that I like them.

It was a weird year – I’m sure for everyone – not always opportunities to shoot in locations we would like to…or maybe just not feeling it. I was able to get two trips in despite everything, One to Death Valley just before it all came crashing down and then one to Colorado when things had calmed down a lot at the end of summer.

Anyway, Here’s my Twenty fo Twenty. Hope you enjoy and all have a great New Year

The Mud Palisades


Shot at the Imperial San Dunes in February

Sand Sharks

Desert Lily

Impending Storm

Joshua Tree Sunset

Moonrise over Borrego Mountain

Comet NEOWISE C2020 F3

Isolated and Whole

Sticky Cotton Candy

Sun and the Moos

Live Streaming

Yankee Boy Basin


Dry and Colorful


Sunrise over the Texas Dip

The Pastel Desert

The Last Goodbye

Reflecting on You