In my post My 2017 Top Ten Best Images I had said that I had 27 images and whittled it down to 10 and many people were curious what the other 17 were soooooo…

Here they are

I may not have a comment for every one of them. They just…are

1) The first one was at the start fof the new year when I wanted to go in a new direction and start Project work. This was called Project One. It would be minimalist and feature just one object out of place. ( NO this was not photoshopped in) Subliminally it was a reflection of my solitary life. However the title of the project was more foretelling and there would be only One image for this project and I gave up on it

2) This is just a pretty picture. I think it would have done better if it was better balanced. But maybe it’s more interesting because it represents good and evil and the coexistence

3) This mage I like not so much because it’s a well crafted image but simply because of what it is. This is Death Valley, a place no one equates with Snow

4) This one I liked because it was an example of the amazing Super-bloom we had out here in the Anza- Borrego desert and I think it holds up well for the time of day it was shot in.

5) The next was all about the fact that I had moved to the desert this year and this was the type of mornings I was waking up to

6) I really like this next image. I LOVE things that are out of place. This was shot in the middle of the Mojave Preserve

7) The ONLY reason I didn’t include this one was because so many others had post a similar image from the amazing Super-Bloom In Carrizo Plain on a trip that my buddy Alex Kunz had invited me on

8) I like my Astro work well enough but it just didn’t make the cut

9) I REALLY like this image and it was well received on Social Media…It’s just really a Picture of Cows saying Kiss My Ass…maybe it was too rude for the top 10


10) Again the reason this didn’t make it as much as I like the subject and how it was shot, was…It’s been done. It’s THAT look

11) This one just missed being in by the Hair on it’s chinney chin chin. I think it;s just really well composed and balanced
12) This is a really good Black and White, not overdone or contrast from hell. It represents what was there in the middle of no where Montana

13) This image represented what I wanted to do with my Seascapes this year and NOT just another sunset

14) Nice Astro

15) Dunno..Like it


16) It’s a pretty picture of a place I love – La Jolla California


17) Amazing night of amazing light 5 minutes from home – Earth Narrows ABDSP It’s sister shot did make the Top 10

And that’s it and 2017 is a wrap – Happy New Year to all