I posted this on Social Media but thought I would post this here for a larger view

This is 70 Images Taken over the 81 Minutes that the Super Moon First became visible behind the mountains and low clouds. The Moon was already in partial eclipse at moon rise and peaked at about 1/3rd of the way in in this shot at 7:47PM PST

I combined the 70 images (I actually shot 150 but that was far too many) into about 7 images because of the size of the files. The file sizes were 2 – 4GB in size so I had to break it down into 7 because Photoshop has  4GB TIFF Limit. I then combined those 7 Images into one 40 x 60″ Image which was 247MP or about 10 x’s the size of most Current better cameras.

Anyway, Here’s the image I shot out at Skinner Lake in Rancho California

And then another image I really liked called “Heaven’s Gate” which I shot after the eclipse was over and the moonlight shone bright

Super Blood Moon Eclipse 2015

Super Blood Moon Eclipse 2015

Blood Moon Super Moon Eclipse Sept 2015