Well, Here they are. The best things I think I shot in 2018

I really don’t put any thought into it, it’s kinda like how I photograph, just the visceral…”yes, that’s it” and I pick them. In fact. I didn’t even count how many I chose, just picked what I thought was good. So no top 10 or 1 a month or anything. so if it’s 4 or it’s 22…I don’t care.

So take a look. I didn’t think 2018 was very good photographically but looking back now. I think it was better than I thought.

Not sure I have anything to say about any of them but as they populate the page if I “feel” something I may say something…. or I may not

Onward to 2019

Borrego Springs California

Winter’s low light casts a long shadow on a dune plant at the Algodones North Dune Wilderness

Indian Head Peak in Borrego Springs CA

Ibex Dunes, Death Valley California

North Algodones Dunes California

North Algodones Dunes Calfornia


Courthouse Towers including the Three Gossips at Arches National Park

Rock Spires in the Alabama Hills of California

A building is all lit up with no place to go in the middle of nowhere in the California desert – This image has an artistic edit done to it and is not meant to be perfectly sharp and defined

My Cinematic Series

A photographer moved his Pregnancy shoot into my frame and I went with it. I call it Mother Mary

My front yard

The warm sun sets in the Valley of a beautiful Ranch in Julian California

Self explanatory

Humboldt State Redwood Forest – Rockefeller Grove

The Staircase inside the Lighthouse at the Cape Blanco Light Port Orford Oregon

Pistol River North, Oregon

Bandon Beach, Oregon

The Rock Monolith The Wizard’s hat, so named for its likeness along the beautiful Oregon Coast in Bandon OR

Cap Rock off Geology Tour Road in Joshua Tree National Park.

Hills of the Moon, Anza- Borrego Desert State Park

Truckhaven Rocks, Anza – Borrego Desert State Park