So every year fellow photographer Jim Goldstein encourages other photographer to post their “Best of’s” as a kind of review of what you’ve accomplished and a look back to see where you have or haven’t come if you been doing it the 11 years in been around

Picking 10 is hard, I was just going to post 27 I had picked but that’s not the way it works so I’ll do the whittle and make it 10 that I think represent my best work. Not popularity but what I think shows my vision best

So here goes in order of when they were shot (click to view larger)

1) I like dry lake beds, this is Clark Dry Lake bed in the Anza- Borrego Desert State Park. I like Rocks, I like to shoot at ground level (groundup – shoe shots)


2) This is a shot of my best bud Wayne as we explored  underground in a Lava Tube at Mojave National Preserve and yes I Photoshopped the chalice into Jerseyana Jones’ hand. Everything else is as it was

3) I just like the texture of “Elephant Knee” in Anza Borrego Desert State Park with the softness of the minimalist clouds above

4) I couldn’t have a Best of without a shot from my favorite project, the Salton Sea. Another dry lake bed but this one is not ancient and became one in the last few years and will only become more so in the coming year

5) The colors were spectacular one night at “Hospitals” in La Jolla California and I loved the silhouette of the schooner that moved by just at the perfect moment

6) This is from my marathon trip up to Glacier National Park in Montana. The time of year was just right

7) I just like this image shot at Cardiff by the sea. I like the placement of the rocks and the shadows cast

8) This image is just about light, THIS is light and finding it

9)Returning again to Windansea Beach in La Jolla California. I like this image because it took on an Impressionistic look all on it’s own with just a long exposure

10) This image is about light and scene. It was slam on the brakes gorgeous and I knew in that moment exactly what I wanted out of it

And that’s it. I hope you enjoyed it and a big thank you to all that follow and support my efforts and a big thank you to everyone that has purchased my prints. That is the best Top Ten List I could ever be on and nothing says more to me.

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