This week I will turn 60 years old. For a number of reasons, I never thought I would be here. And if I was, I was sure I would hate it.

Now I’m not exactly happy to be 60, I mean it IS officially old.

Of course you have the people that say to you “You’re only as old as you feel”… and of course that is told to you by – Old People. You never hear a 18 year old saying to a 21 year old “You’re only as old as you feel” cuz well they fucking feel great cuz they are 21.

But it’s funny, I don’t hate it at all. I mean if they “say” that. Honestly I still see myself in my minds eye as 49. Which was my absolute favorite age. Everything clicked then and I don’t really think 11 years have passed since then. So if they do ask…I’m 49.

But the one thing I didn’t think I would have now is,,, Hope. I didn’t think I’d have anything to look forward to but shuffleboard, oxygen tanks and walkers. But no, I have a lot more than that.

The past decade has been pretty cool. Been some pretty rough spots but the one thing I liked is that I accomplished true life goals. They were things I only dreamed of as that 21 YO.

I had  a book published. I’ve had articles published in magazine. I got a magazine cover on my first try. I’ve had one of my other images on a Book cover. I’ve sold nearly 500 of my prints, which I just find outrageous and at the end of 2015 I got my final dream, to shoot the cover of a major album…CD…Mp3..what are we calling them now? And , THAT was friggen cool.

But then I thought. I’ve honestly done it all. I GOT ALL that. So really there won’t be anything left. But there is.

By the end of next month I’ll be starting chapter 6 of this book of life and do a total “reset” again and it feels pretty darn cool. And I’m gonna make some new dreams – not sure what they are – but I’m gonna make them cuz there is something to look forward to. It’s not the end of the road I thought it would be.

So I guess you’ll just to follow along. Not time to “Fade to Black” just yet.

Peace….Oh and…Get off my Lawn!