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Best Photos of 2019

December 18, 2019 Photography, Top 10

OK, so it's the end of yet another year and time again for Photographer Jim Goldstein blog project: Your Best Photos of 2019 So here...are mine. I think 2019 was a very good year photographically for me (despite being a…

The Runners- Up

December 29, 2017 Photography, Top 10

In my post My 2017 Top Ten Best Images I had said that I had 27 images and whittled it down to 10 and many people were curious what the other 17 were soooooo... Here they are I may not…

My 2017 Top Ten Best Images

December 26, 2017 Photography, Top 10

So every year fellow photographer Jim Goldstein encourages other photographer to post their "Best of's" as a kind of review of what you've accomplished and a look back to see where you have or haven't come if you been doing it…