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Coming of Age

January 24, 2017 Journal

This week I will turn 60 years old. For a number of reasons, I never thought I would be here. And if I was, I was sure I would hate it. Now I’m not exactly happy to be 60, I…

I’m Dreamin of a White 6 Days After Christmas

December 31, 2014 Journal

"I'm Dreamin of a White...6 Days after Christmas and New Years Eve" Never in 19 years have I seen this in Southern California I just got into bed and notice that the street lamps looked funny in the rain...? Beautiful,…

Starting a new

October 6, 2014 Journal

Since my website was decimated by a hacker, I thought I would just start fresh It's kinda a shame that I lost 6 years of blog posts but I'm not really sad. They are the past and I'll start from…