OK, so it’s the end of yet another year and time again for Photographer Jim Goldstein blog project: Your Best Photos of 2019

So here…are mine.

I think 2019 was a very good year photographically for me (despite being a business disaster of the worst magnitude). I think it was my best year since 2009, which was my absolute best year of shooting. I had a lot of inspiration that year and maybe a lot of luck. But that year garnered all my best selling images. I’m really happy with what I did this year. Maybe I should do one of those Facebook 2009 vs 2019 to see how well my images have aged….or maybe not.

Anyway, Here they are. As some of you saw in my previous post I did a video with 400 of my best images of the year hoping I wouldn’t have to pick 10. But, here I am picking 10, but I added  5 more honorable mentions cuz I think they are worth it.

This year, I feel the theme is “it’s all about the light”

My Top 10

This image shot 1/19/2019 was one of those great days at the beach when there were both great clouds and colors and then a low tide with wet sand for reflections

Days End – Fine Art Print Available Here

A Surfer retreats from the water at days end iat beautiful La Jolla Shores Beach in La Jolla California

On my annual trek to Death Valley National Park for my Birthday, this image was shot on 1/26/2019. I wanted to be at places different than the icons, I spotted this location while driving around  in the afternoon. I had no idea the conditions would be so right. This is my favorite image of 2019

Salt Creek Flats: Fine Art Print Available Here

A salt creek running through the Salt Flats at Death Valley National Park

Just some great late afternoon Winter light in the Anza – Borrego Desert State Park as I drove home from Grocery shopping in “The big city” on 3/2/1019

Winter Light

Winter Light in Anza- Borrego Desert State Park


The Winter The Winter rains brought wildflower blooms throughout California. This was the first great poppy bloom in a long time in Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in the Mojave Desert, The one thing that will always stuck in my mind (and my nose) from that day was the fragrance from all of the flowers. It was like stepping into candy factory. But what a beautiful day and bloom on 4/8/2019

Antelope Valley Spring: Fine Art Print Available Here

The spring Superbloom in Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

It’s a really lovely drive to Temecula from the desert and I pass many beautiful ranches. This one has many horses in a great setting and the light was just right one morning as I passed by so I had to stop. Shot on 9/8/2019

Couldn’t Drag Me Away: Fine Art Prints Available Here

Horses at Pasture in the beautiful setting of Warner’s Ranch in Warner Springs california ona stormy sky day

Since I now live about 2 hours from the coast I can’t just pop over in the hopes of some good conditions and even though I still go often – despite the distance. What the weather looks like at my house is never what it is at the coast. So it’s nice when things do come together on the chance that I am there as this night did at the Tidepools in La Jolla. It was a spectacular night with great color and light from before sunset to well after it was close to dark. Shot 7/24/2019

On Fire: Fine Art Print Available Here

The sky is lit up like on fire along the coast in beautiful La Jolla California

I got in a couple short but wonderful trips this fall. One to Sequoia and Kings National Parks and one to Yosemite. SKCNP was so much better than I even imagined. I had a blast. This was right at the roadside but was a beast to capture with the dynamic range of the scene and my tripod head exploding right after this shot. But I like how it came out. This was shot 10/2/2019

Kings Canyon River: Fine art Print Available Here

The Kings River flows past the mountains in beautiful Kings Canyon National Park

I really thought I missed the opportunity to see this. The Tour of Union Pacific’s Big Boy Restored locomotive. But I saw it would be in Yuma Arizona the next morning so I got up super early to go see it while it was at the depot. I hoped to video it leaving but it didn’t quite work out as they had to BACK OUT! But I drove like hell and was able to Video it crossing the desert farther east on it’s journey. I love old trains and just love how this one came out in the soft morning light. Shot on 10/16/2019

Big Boy 3: Fine art Print Available Here

The Big Boy Steam Locomotive on it’s 2019 tour with a stop in Yuma Arizona

Like I said earlier, I got to go to Yosemite too for a short visit when my friend Libby Invited me up for the day. I made the most of the time I had and got a few nice shots in at one of my favorite places in the world. We made a couple passes around the Valley Loop and stopped to photographs some deer, when this scene came to be. I had so little time to run back and get a tripod to make the shot but got the V and the perfectly matched Orange tree. Shot on 10/22.2019

Battle of the Orange : Fine Art Prints Available Here

Both Half Dome and a Valley Tree light up with Autumn Orange in a battle of Fall Color

Thanksgiving day brought someone unusual weather to Southern California. Lots of Rain and cold temperatures combined to bring the snow level down to 3500′ So I headed the short distance up to the mountain town of Julian to play in the snow. I had no real intention of shooting but it was just sooo beautiful I grabbed a few shots. I really was surprised by the reaction to all of them on Instagram. People just loved them for the soft and tranquil scene and how they made people feel. I may not have gotten the most likes of the year on them but I for sure got the most comments. And they print just beautifully. Shot on 11/28/19

Julian Barn in Snow: Fine Art Prints Available Here

A beautiful Barn in Julian California during a wonderful snow storm for the holidays


Honorable Mention

OK well, I had a hard time coming up with only 10. I started with 30 and whittled it down to 16…so instead of just throwing the rest away. I’ll show them as Honorable Mentions

The ripples, grain and gradation of the sand dunes at Mesquite Flats in Death Valley National Park

Looking up at Desert Sunflowers during the Wildflower bloom of the deserts of California

Late Evening at Windansea Beach La Jolla, CA

a Rainy Day at Torrey Pines State Beach

A Street Musician at Balboa Park

Jumbo Rocks at Joshua Tree National Park with an almost 3D look to oit