As I returned from Antelope Valley California Poppy reserve I was on the last leg of the 4+ hour journey and was passing through the Palm Springs area. It was just about sunset and I glnced over to my left at the Ubitquios Wind Turbines that are part of the valley that splits the San Bernardino Mountains from the San Jacinto. The winds and the windmills are a constant

As I glance over, the wind turbines up on the hill above the freeway, just took on a look, almost sci-fi, almost, War of the Worlds. But they just looked beautiful and interesting. Some people hate them, see them as a blight on the landscape. But I like them. All white…huge and towering almost pristine. I just find them interesting. I even like standing under them even though the whirl of that giant prop above you is well…quite terrifying.

But tonight, they just looked right. I wanted to stop, but it’s a really difficult place to stop, right at that place. There are other areas that are off the freeway, But I wanted THIS spot. It’s horrible idea to pull to the side of the freeway and get out…like a REALLY bad idea. Plus it was late and I was tired from a very early start that morning. I was disappointed I couldn’t get the shot that I really wanted.

My camera lay on the seat next to me from the day shoot. I still had the 70-200mm lens on it from my last shot. So I thought, why not. I picked up the camera, cranked it out to 70mm, Pressed the back button focus out the window and just pointed in the genera direction….at 70 M.P.H. Not looking, just firing off and moving the camera around.(Yes, for sure don’t ever do this, ever)

I knew it was a total waste of time, but I just wanted that shot,

When I got home and started to look…it stunned me. I loved them. Sure, they were all crooked and wonky and I had to crop and rotate the snot out of them. Some have camera shake, some have motion blur…. I  didn’t even know what the camera was on. A Mode, Manual? Who knows, who cares.

So there y9u have it, my new Fine Art Series: @ 70 M.P.H

@ 70 M.P.H. @ 70 M.P.H. @ 70 M.P.H. @ 70 M.P.H. @ 70 M.P.H. @ 70 M.P.H. @ 70 M.P.H.