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Like the ccean to the shore, I come back to you once more

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Salton Sea November 2016

The Salton Sea This is my first trip to the Salton Sea this “Season” and I’ve missed it..

Slab City

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Slab City - The Salton Sea

The Slabs Once the US Marine Corp’s┬áCamp Dunlap far out in the desert East of the Salton Sea..

East Jesus

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East Jesus - Slab City

East Jesus has no┬áreligious meaning at all. It is an Artist Colony out in well… East Jesus, as.

The Three Sisters – Red Hill Marina

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Red Hill Bay and Marina - The Three Sisters

The State’s Plan to save parts of the Salton Sea is underway. Under the plan, as many as.

Dead Trees – Magnificent Color

December 22, 2015 Photojournalism
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I don’t think anything quantifies the paradox of the Salton Sea as the Dead Trees of Red Hill.

The Salton Sea – The Spa

December 19, 2015 Photojournalism
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The Salton Sea - The Spa

Undisclosed location – The Salton Sea I first came across The Spa 8 years ago in my back-roads.

The Salton Sea – What We Know Now May Not Be Known Again

December 18, 2015 Photojournalism
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The Salton Sea Red Hill Bay

I continue my documentation of the Salton Sea and it’s ehem…”Progress” I returned again this time with my.

All the Beauty of the Salton Sea

November 14, 2015 Landscapes, Photojournalism, Wildlife
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Salton Sea Beauty

As time runs out for the survival of the Salton Sea, I thought it my duty to show.

The Salton Sea – The Beauty

November 9, 2015 Landscapes
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The Salton Sea - Beauty

In my first book: The Salton Sea – Despair and Beauty I showed both sides to this paradoxical.