I'm Peter Tellone, a Freelance Photographer, Writer and Fine Artist

Based in SoCal, I specialize in landscape photography.

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Coastals, Deserts and everywhere in between



Cityscapes and Small Urban Scapes

The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea

The Strangest Land in America. captured and recorded before it's gone

From The Journal

Dead Trees – Magnificent Color

December 22, 2015 Photojournalism
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Salton Sea Trip With Laurie Rubin

I don’t think anything quantifies the paradox of the Salton Sea as the Dead Trees of Red Hill.

Hangin with my Jazz Heroes

December 20, 2015 Concert Photography
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Peter White, Peter Tellone, Mindi Abair, Ric Braun

Had just a spectacular night at the Balboa Theater in San Diego seeing the Peter White Christmas show.

The Salton Sea – The Spa

December 19, 2015 Photojournalism
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The Salton Sea - The Spa

Undisclosed location – The Salton Sea I first came across The Spa 8 years ago in my back-roads.

The Salton Sea – What We Know Now May Not Be Known Again

December 18, 2015 Photojournalism
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The Salton Sea Red Hill Bay

I continue my documentation of the Salton Sea and it’s ehem…”Progress” I returned again this time with my.

Introducing my new collection – M’ocean

December 5, 2015 Photography
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M'ocean is a collection of Photographic Seascapes made Abstract and Minimalistic through Motion Blurring tecniques. These images are perfect for more modern interior designs as well as commercial spaces that want a cross between Photographic and Painted art

I have a new seriesĀ of images called the M’ocean Collection M’ocean images are Photographic images made Abstract by.

Look Ma, I’m on the Tonight Show

December 2, 2015 Concert Photography
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Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show

When I was a Kid, My mom and me would watch the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson all.

A Little About Me

A Little About Me

I am a Photographer - I am a Creative

I am a Photographer. I believe that my vision is everything to that end. It's not about f/8, nor about perfect focus, but a perfect vision

I shoot because it is ...all I have...all I know...all I can...all I think...all I dream...all I...See

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