I'm Peter Tellone, a Freelance Photographer, Writer and Fine Artist

Based in SoCal, I specialize in landscape photography.

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Coastals, Deserts and everywhere in between



Cityscapes and Small Urban Scapes

The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea

The Strangest Land in America. captured and recorded before it's gone

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Social Media Marketing – The failure for the rest of us

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Social Media Marketing – The failure for the rest of us I’ve always hated Social media, No, really.

Breaking the Rules – Why you are not the Rebel you think you are

May 11, 2017 Opinion, Photography, Teaching
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The Rules

Breaking the Rules Why you are NOT the Rebel you think you are Not a day goes by.

Coming of Age

January 24, 2017 Journal
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This week I will turn 60 years old. For a number of reasons, I never thought I would.

Best Photos of 2016

December 31, 2016 Landscapes, Photography
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Debated doing this, but then I looked back at the year and it was a very good Photographic.

Like the ccean to the shore, I come back to you once more

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Salton Sea November 2016

The Salton Sea This is my first trip to the Salton Sea this “Season” and I’ve missed it..

Peter White & Richard Elliot – Thornton Winery

October 17, 2016 Concert Photography, Photography
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This closes out another season of the Champagne Jazz series at Thornton Winery in lovely Temecula California and who.

A Little About Me

A Little About Me

I am a Photographer - I am a Creative

I am a Photographer. I believe that my vision is everything to that end. It's not about f/8, nor about perfect focus, but a perfect vision

I shoot because it is ...all I have...all I know...all I can...all I think...all I dream...all I...See

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